Ross Barr

Founder – Managing Director

Ross has worked hard to build the Dynamic Team of 20 employees and the business to what it is today. As in any organisation, or indeed with any of our projects, the foundations are the most important part of setting us up for success for the future.

With Ross at the forefront of our business, he himself, is a fully qualified and award-winning joiner and is very much fully involved in the business on a day-to-day basis.

This not only involves being in the yard in the morning to brief the Dynamic Team on what the goals are for each day but, also focussing on the long-term goals of the Dynamic businesses. He’s extremely hardworking and passionate about delivering amazing projects for the company but most importantly delivering outstanding results for our clients.

He doesn’t stand still and this is evident when you see how he is expanding Dynamic Property Services. He has also set up a new property development company focusing on buying properties which are in desperate need to renovation and then completely renovating & modernising them to a high standard. These properties are then available on the rental market providing much needed affordable housing in areas in such as Midlothian where this is currently an issue for many families.

#teamdynamic are very much fully committed and hard-working. From apprentices all the way through to our director – we’re all prepared to do what it takes to make the company the success that it is and will continue to be in the future.

Jennifer Barr

Office Manager

I’ve been a part of something special from the very start. Being there through both challenging and prosperous times has provided me with a deep understanding and appreciation of the journey and growth of Dynamic, experiencing the ups and downs which have been a valuable learning experience.

I have held a crucial role in the office, being a point of contact for customers and taking care of important administrative tasks. Managing tenders, invoices, and ensuring timely payment is essential for maintaining good relationships with customers and keeping the business running smoothly.

Equally important is ensuring that staff members receive their wages promptly. Being responsible for payroll demonstrates commitment to supporting our staff and their well-being. It’s a vital aspect of maintaining a positive work environment.

It’s exciting to witness the growth and success of Dynamic! Achieving awards and receiving positive feedback are clear indications of the hard work and dedication. They also serve as valuable validation for the efforts of everyone involved.
Excited to see what the future holds #teamdynamic

Marion McKean

Operations & Project Manager

Marion has recently joined our Dynamic Team to manage specific projects that we are working on to help homeowners back into their homes that have unfortunately been damaged by water leakage/burst pipes or in some cases damaged by fire.

Her background is very much in customer service, operational management and leadership having worked in the hospitality industry for over 35 years, she brings experience of project management in refurbishments, extensions and new build hospitality businesses.

She has extensive experience in multi-site leadership and is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring company values are a key focus for everyone in the organisation. Our brand identity is very important to us and she has emphasised this with the team as they are all reflective of the company and they need to ensure that they are Dynamic in how they go about their work.

Marion’s job she does needs a degree of sensitivity as the clients she is dealing with are often distressed as their homes have been so badly damaged.

Marion works with them with empathetically to ensure they get back into their homes and liaises with the insurance company representatives, our suppliers and works closely with Ross to make sure that we have the right trades in the right place at the right time.

This is part of the business which has grown very quickly and since Marion came on-board, we are able to provide an efficient & professional service for these clients.

Martin Rowse

Contracts Manager

I come from a background of having owned my own plumbing, heating and joinery business for nearly 40 years.
Having retired less than a year ago, I realised that I needed to do something again as there is only so much you can do at home.

When Ross the owner of Dynamics approached me and suggested I come on board with them, it was an easy reply.
As I have known Ross for a few years, and worked with him over that period, I immediately knew this opportunity was going to work for both of us.

I knew the speed and direction Dynamics were going and how driven Ross was, along with the way all the staff worked together as a team.

This couldn’t be any more like a family and looking forward to going onwards and upwards.

Pauline Johnston

Office Support Team

At the heart of any organisation, it is essential that there is structure and organisation within the office environment as the information coming out of the office needs to be clear and concise for our clients, our suppliers and our wider team.  

I have worked with Dynamic Property for 5 years in an administrative role.  My main duties involve the close monitoring of invoices and receipts using Sage and corresponding with our Accountant.  It’s a very busy role which I very much enjoy.  My other responsibilities include the organising the Employee Contracts and arranging the PPE orders for our staff, which is also a very important aspect of my role.

I have watched Dynamic Property grow from strength to strength over these past few years and very proud to be part of a young and enthusiastic team, who strive to deliver the very best for our clients in all aspects of the job.

I was extremely proud when Dynamic Property won the award in 2022 for the best All Trades Firm at the Scottish Home Improvements Awards.  This was a great morale boost for the all the team members and to be part of such an amazing team.

Jordon Duncan

Head of Joinery Services

Jordon is a fully qualified joiner who has worked his way up the ranks within the company and he now successfully heads up joinery services within the Dynamic Team. He’s an exceptional joiner for his age and his commitment to both the team and the company is to be admired. He has worked with Ross for a number of years and progressed well within the company. His attention to detail ensures that our joinery work is finished to an exceptionally high standard. He has Kevin working alongside him and he co-ordinates the jobs that they are working on to ensure that all aspects of joinery requirements are covered across all our projects.

Stewart Fraser

Head of Electrical Services 

Stewart has been a qualified electrician for over 8 years and has worked on a wide range of domestic and commercial projects through the years. He originally worked as a contractor with Dynamic Property, before joining the team on a full-time basis in early 2022.

“I’ve been involved in many projects and had the opportunity to grow my skillset to work and manage all trades. My favourite moment with Dynamic Property was attending the Scottish Home Improvements Awards and taking home the award for the Best All Trades Firm 2022. That is a night I will never forget”.

Martin Ross

I have been working in the bathroom and plumbing trade for over 25 years doing a combination of commercial and residential work.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Dynamic Property as everyone works well as a team to make sure that all our jobs are pushed to be completed with a perfect finish and to the highest standards.

I’ve watched Ross go from strength to strength for over 16 years now building Dynamic Property Services to what it is today.

Meet the rest of our valued Dynamic Property Team

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